Two Poems by Richard Skinner

Quantum Sheep

Clouds graze the sky;
below, sheep drift gentle
over fields, soft mirrors,
warm white snow.
(Original poem by Valerie Laws)

white sheep graze
below soft sky
the warm Clouds
drift over snow
gentle fields mirrors

gentle below
over warm

soft sheep

white mirrors
the sky

snow fields

snow below
gentle graze
the sky
over warm fields
white mirrors
soft Clouds
sheep drift

below the gentle sky snow drift fields
Clouds over warm mirrors soft white sheep graze

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

The Uncivil Likelihood of Bell ringers
The Unctuous Limestone of Belt
The Underdeveloped Lineage of Berber
The Undernourished Line-up of Beryl
The Undertaken Lion of Bête noir
The Undulating Lisp of Bezique
The Unfortunate Lithograph of Bicycle
The Unidirectional Livelihood of Bikini
The Unique Load of Billow
The Universal Lobster of Binoculars
The Unlimited Locomotive of Birdcage
The Unpleasant Log of Bisulphate
The Unsaid Loner of Blabber
The Unstable Long wave of Black ice

Richard Skinner has published three books of poems with Smokestack Books: the light user scheme (2013), Terrace (2015) & The Malvern Aviator (2018). His fourth book, Invisible Sun, will be published by Smokestack in June 2021. Twitter @RichardNSkinner