Two Poems by Richard Skinner

  Quantum Sheep Clouds graze the sky; below, sheep drift gentle over fields, soft mirrors, warm white snow. (Original poem by Valerie Laws) i) white sheep graze below soft sky the warm Clouds drift over snow gentle fields mirrors ii) gentle below over warm Clouds soft sheep drift white mirrors graze the sky snow fields iii) snow below gentle graze the sky over warm fields … Continue reading Two Poems by Richard Skinner

Two poems by Richard Skinner

  Two poems from the light user scheme   the vague notion of authorship Japanese scientists have recently confirmed my appearance, they say that the papaya is not a cousin of passion fruit, but of the cauliflower, that a cow is more akin to whales than camels. As a foundling, I can now choose my inheritance—the Great Dane and chihuahua share the same ancestor. Roses … Continue reading Two poems by Richard Skinner