‘Cineraria’ by Maria Isakova Bennett

Somewhere, near an open window
at a time of year full of preparations
for a tomorrow, these bustling flowers
settle themselves. Each looks up
from its place in the shade, spreads
excitement. What a gift
that you could bring them home:
the whole year in your arms —
a blue-white memory of snow,
an aria for spring in a yellow soprano,
the dense velvet notes of autumn,
cherries hiding, small efforts of love
in each dot, stipple, and tiny repetition,
like promises that won’t go out.

Maria Isakova Bennett is a tutor for charities including NHS, Mersey Care, creates the hand-stitched poetry journal, Coast to Coast to Coast, and is the author of three pamphlets: …an ache in each welcoming kiss, 2019; All of the Spaces, 2018; Caveat, 2015. Twitter @MariaIzaB1