‘Praise Be to Unexpected Ways’ by Chaucer Cameron

Praise Be to Unexpected Ways
after Sepideh Jodeyri

I have breasts, which I love, I can speak the word breast, I can write the word breast, I can associate the breast with a robin on a branch. I love birds, I love the way they sing, and how they capture territory in unexpected ways. Praise the breast.

I have lips, which I love, I can own the word lips, I can use my lips in unexpected ways. I can slip my tongue through lips; associate the rhyme with pips from fruit, hip from 1960’s, hips that support the weight of a body.

I have a body, which I love, I love the word body, I love the way it lives, in unexpected ways, comes back in dreams, the way it sneaks across the borders, the way it joins with tongue, lips, breast, small birds on branches. Praise the body, lips and breast, praise the tongue that can speak the censored word.
Sepideh Jodeyri is an Iranian poet living in exile in Europe.
Chaucer Cameron is a poet and international poetry filmmaker, working in collaboration with Helen Dewbery at Elephant’s Footprint of which she is co-founder. Her work includes: collaborative poetry film shorts, pf curations, augmented poetry performances, and leads, creative-writing-poetry-film workshops in the community. She is currently developing the concept of Poetry Film Collections, as a poetry film genre. Chaucer’s poetry has been published in journals and anthologies, including, Atticus Review and The Interpreters House. She is co-editor of three anthologies of poetry and image and co-editor of Poetry Film Live. Image by Chaucer Cameron.