‘Finn MacCool offers his thumb’ by Laura McKee

to my salmon lips
to see if I’m ready

and when I drip
when I spit

it burns
tells him

all he needs to know
and he wants to

suck the knowing
out of me

Author’s note: The Salmon of Knowledge is one of many stories surrounding the legend of Finn MacCool (Fionn mac Cumhaill)

A recording of Laura McKee reading ‘Finn MacCool offers his thumb’ on SoundCloud

Laura McKee’s poems have appeared in various journals including The Interpreter’s House, Butcher’s Dog, Obsessed With Pipework, Prole, The Rialto, Ink Sweat & Tears, And Other Poems, and the anthology Mildly Erotic Verse (Emma Press). She was a winner in the Guernsey International Poetry Competition. Contact her on Twitter: @Estlinin