‘The Joy of Sets’ by Maurice Devitt

The Joy of Sets

With simple interest
you zero in,
the square root home.
She offers pi
a fraction of her heart,
you desire
the sine of her curves
– infinity reclining –
the joy of sets.

Prime attraction multiplies
an upward graph
future = XTC
with high probability of success.
A new addition
plan n=3,
normal distribution
for t+7.

A discontinuity,
commitment ¬ =
no proof of love.
She speaks
complex codes
calculates different solutions.
You are discreet
she is discrete, weaves
a matrix of deceit.

The triangle with Pascal
a key factor,
she offers an imaginary number
chaos with
fractals of love.
The result
a division of friends and CDs.
When she said forever
how could you know

she meant forever minus 1.
(The Joy of Sets was placed third in The Joy of Sex Poetry Competition run by The Swindon Poetry Festival in 2012 and included in their anthology)
Maurice is a graduate of the MA in Poetry Studies from Mater Dei in Dublin. A Pushcart Prize nominee in 2012, he was most recently short-listed for The Doire Press International Chapbook Competition and is a member of The Hibernian Writers’ Group.