Two poems by Maurice Devitt

  First Days of Winter Trees blue and leafless, a doily of frost forms on the front lawn, first peelings of ice on pathways, winter coats stiff and reluctant. Words, chipped from frozen thoughts, disappear in a blur of breath, as movements slow and bony fingers burrow into gloves. Shoes, now too big for curled toes, skate on polished tiles and soft, summer bodies totter … Continue reading Two poems by Maurice Devitt

‘The Joy of Sets’ by Maurice Devitt

The Joy of Sets With simple interest you zero in, the square root home. She offers pi a fraction of her heart, you desire the sine of her curves – infinity reclining – the joy of sets. Prime attraction multiplies 2+2=5 an upward graph future = XTC with high probability of success. A new addition plan n=3, normal distribution for t+7. A discontinuity, commitment ¬ … Continue reading ‘The Joy of Sets’ by Maurice Devitt