‘Semiotics’ by Kirsten Luckins

Are they sequins, Isadora?
Those unfocussed glints, and your head flung back
punt-drunk and cushioned on the swell, swell.
Your fingers, willow-limp and lax
on the spine of your paperback
Ways Of Seeing.
                                    [Sunlight on the Cam.
                                    Bright, synaptic flashes.
                                    Adoringly, the camera pans
                                    Along her backlit lashes.]
Facts and facets go and come,
among the humdrum traffic hum, some
drivers’ drone, collegiate bridges, gullied stones,
a distant, sustained cello bows,
fact and fiction come and go…
The circular pock, which is ‘fish’.
The tethered, bobbing bottles’ clink,
which is ‘chance’, or ‘privilege’.
The unthumbed girl, which is ‘glyph,’
which is ‘wish’.

Kirsten Luckins is a poet, performer and creative producer from Teesside. She is artistic director of the Tees Women Poets, and has been published widely in magazines such as Butcher’s Dog, Under The Radar and Magma. Her third collection Passerine is due out with Bad Betty press in February 2021. Twitter @ImeldaSays