‘Teaching Tabitha to Knit’ by Carole Bromley

See, I haven’t done this for years.
Take one knitting needle in each hand.
No, hold it nearer the end, that’s it.
Now wind the yarn round that one.
Hang on, I’ll give you a hand.
OK, now kind of make a loop, see?
Try tucking one needle under your arm.
In over through off. It’s like a poem!
A really messy one with loose bits,
I’m always writing those. How do I fix it?
Well, usually I kind of cobble it together
to hide the hole. Doesn’t always work.
Sometimes it’s better to unpick and start again.
Oops. Don’t worry. Happens all the time.
We can always blow the dirt off, don’t cry.
What are we making? A dolly’s scarf, love.
I think a cardigan would be too ambitious.
You’re really getting the hang of this!
Look, you’ve nearly finished a whole row.
I’m always chuffed when I’ve written one line,
sometimes I go for a walk to celebrate.
Sometimes I have a glass of wine.
Tell you what, a chocolate each when we’ve done
four rows without dropping a stitch.
An audio recording of Carole Bromley reading ‘Teaching Tabitha to knit is available here.
Carole Bromley’s fourth collection, The Peregrine Falcons of York Minster, is just out from Valley Press. Her pamphlet, Sodium 136, is also available from Calder Valley Poetry. Twitter @CaroleBromley1