‘Oxytocin’ by Betty Doyle

It’s like nobody has ever
done the dishes together
before – on a Wednesday,
with all the kitchen lights on
and the moon huge, lemon-yellow.
The quiet clatter of china
meeting in the sink.
The low hum of the fridge
as its motor clicks in.
I love these sounds,
their taking place
in the arrangement of our life,
the simple way
they present themselves
and become beautiful.
Look at the pale pink roses
sweetening a pint glass
on the window sill.
The Jeff Buckley record
playing in the corner.
All the silver forks.
Our hands, sharing
the warm water.
Betty Doyle is a poet and Ph.D student from Merseyside. Her debut poetry pamphlet, Girl Parts, is due to be published by Verve in March 2022. Twitter: @betty_poet