From a Lyric Sequence by Cat Woodward

But now I have put away
the pepper and dirt

and have a mouth all full
of big yellow teeth

when I was banished
I spoke like the banished

my, my, my,
gardenia and gladioli

now it rains, rains and rains
like wheat in a wreath


lingers his hyacinth
picking up what i put down


someone’s little blue
husband in the hawthorn

away my grievance

with his blushing blue

who needs her innocence?
when i die
i go to boy heaven


grinds broccoli
a savage pity

up by the hard ear bone
and she a great dancer

if nothing else
remember this

she made a soup


nothing like a dying pater
serious boohoo
rough smooth
tripe treat
but what’s it to you granddad?





it would matter tremendously
if in our midst
there were
a thresh of frost

werewolf vs amethyst
and I know where my money is

it matters whether
an iris grew
from that there drop of sweat
and a pumpkin from the blood

glad tidings of comfort and joy


breakfast be my idle bridle
when winter’s coffee
is soft as the lily

i sidle out my bed of ivy
as from the pine
lets fly my nightly care

slim picking for finches

more tired than the dawn
that breaks you there
dead bulrush, dead penny

still i will be merry

Cat Woodward is a feminist lyric poet. Her first collection Sphinx (Salò Press) was published in November 2017. She is currently finishing her PhD thesis (UEA) in lyric and robot voice. She lives in Nelson, New Zealand. Her poems have appeared in Tears in the Fence, Lighthouse, The Literateur, Ink, Sweat & Tears, Visual Verse and others.