Two poems by Wendy Pratt


For eight nights you haunt me-
more than just the echo
of your loss – I dream my body
is your vessel, again.

I am earthy and taut, my skin the drum
on which you beat a reassuring prattle
of small limbs: an elbow, a heel,
the hard pressure of your head
pressed up against my palm.

Even the muscle of my heart
remembers you. Your blood
is so loved in my veins. We sluice
ourselves together, merging like rivers.

When I wake and let my hand
roam over my slack flesh-
before the dream dissipates- I feel
a final movement- a slow roll,
your body turns within me,

as you slip back, beneath a death
you were too brave for. My heart,
still haunted, giddies along to your loss,
then slows, but doesn’t stop.
God Creates Dog

God became bored with creating the world
and took to thumbing through trees
and picking over the insides

of the living and half living things.
In his indifferent state he untied
the tiny joints of a sparrow wing

and spread the little bones out
across his kitchen floor. For a while
he made shadow shapes across one wall

with the spine of a rattle snake but found
even this too serious and dull.
He took in his hand the body of a wolf

and balled it up between his palms
until the colours muted like a blob
of well used plasticine.

Dog came into the world, hot
from the friction of God’s hands.
in the dense mechanics of his bones,

the quick heat beneath his skin,
Dog heard sounds. He listened to the forest
in the thrum of his blood and further down,

through his shin bones and the slivers of his claws,
the wind played Dog’s body like a flute. Dog wanted
to run and be the earth and the sky, all at once,

but God left whispers in the cave of his ear,
kept making him wait; calling him, always,
back to his side.

(both poems published in Museum Pieces, Prole Books 2013)
Wendy Pratt was born in Scarborough, North Yorkshire in 1978. Poems are published widely including in The Interpreter’s House, Pennine Platform, Prole, Envoi, Other Poetry, Acumen, The Frogmore Papers and The English Chicago Review. A pamphlet, Nan Hardwicke Turns into a Hare was published by Prolebooks in 2011 and Museum Pieces, also published by Prole went to print in December 2013. Twitter @wondykitten