‘Anatomy’ by Jennifer Wong


You brought me to see the collection
at Lincoln Inn’s Fields, all skulls
         rib-cages       valves       fossils       teeth
     cat’s villi red as corals        sets of flawlessly
preserved teeth taken from mammals.

You gasped at the cutting truth
behind the glass, the precision of the knife.  Perhaps
it’s not uncanny, this curiosity
to gut, to reach for the other side of skin.
But we are different.  We are more discreet
and non transparent, our thoughts well-hidden.
You never told me about the letters, I wouldn’t ask.
We moved slowly through these long shelves of lidded jars.
Jennifer Wong is a poet from Hong Kong, China, now living in the UK. She is studying for a PhD in poetry and poetics at Oxford Brookes. Goldfish, her second collection, is published by Chameleon Press, details here. Follow her on Twitter @jennywcreative