A poem by K.S. Moore


The wind soothsays in the key of G, sighing,
I match my tone to his.
In our duet I hold out strong, harmonise

while he exhales, one lowing note that
swoops, rounds, clarifies
everything I know in a wild sonata.

I close the window, end his song, believe
in me, my solo pending, yet my vocal chords
are searching for the accompaniment, now lost.

And so I let him back in,
let his gushing presence blow my sound.

Until I am left, a shiver of myself,
undermined to the bone.
K. S. Moore blogs at ksmoore.com and was recently shortlisted for Blog Awards Ireland. She was a Flash Mob 2013 finalist and has recently been published in FlashFlood, The Bohemyth and Writing.ie. She has work forthcoming in Metazen and The Seventh Quarry. She can be found on Twitter @KarenSDavies and on Facebook.