‘Fox on the garden shed roof’ by Fiona Moore

Fox on the garden shed roof

Considering the insolence the bold-as-brass
of you your burdening with cliché how your look
is purpose clothed in sand-red fur (like grass
discoloured, peed-on! when you took
possession of my territory) I
stand firm and watch. Which is like war
between us, kitchen sink to roof and eye
to eye we find that nature does abhor
a vacuum. I’d annex your cat/dog curves
nose curled on tail, so strokeable
yet through your amber gaze your wildness swerves
away, off-course. Fox you’re unreachable
however many genes and thoughts we share.
You shift and stretch, slink off, unfix your stare.
(first published in The SHOp, 2010)
Fiona Moore’s pamphlet The Only Reason for Time was published by HappenStance Press in April 2013. She lives in Greenwich, London, and blogs at Displacement.