Two poems by C. Murray

Lilies of the Field

Plump nipple blossoms more like
– neatly sewn onto a blue bodice.
Virgin surprise! One wink and
they’re blown confetti on wet ground.
Unrelated Images Sequence

Those images I had trashed sing now their separation.

An arch forms beneath the new forsythia leaf
enter the moorhen in her emerald stockings.
She shakes off the water drops.

A wood-pigeon lumbers through egg-laden,
she threads a path through those wet grasses
veined in blue weed, these mesmerise me.

My daisy-chain is a fragmented treasure :
that primrose is lone –
lit against her iron post,

she dreams of banked-loam,
and inky mountain scenes.
False backdrop! But she is sweeter for her dreams.
C Murray (@Celizmurray) is a poet, blogger, and web-developer for Irish PEN. She is currently working on a collaborative book of Responsorials with poet Michael McAloran. Visit her Open Salon blog here.