‘i and the Village’ by C. Murray

i and the Village

(after Marc Chagall)

Dew drops into jade a three-quarter moon.
Love O love! Your uprooted flower dissipates

Its scentedness onto my hand, soon
O soon recalling to me a certain music –

My fate was always to leave the place
where moon danced with subtle Neptune!

All dissolves –
Save your remembered face,
Your laughing in the street and your dancing for the moon!

Your jade rings and your flower are my jewel,
shading everything green, and purple, a rich blue.

Dew drops into jade a jewelled moon,
Her white flower dissolves under blue.

I remember a face, now caught into light,
now a tone, a jewelled ring, a certain bright hue.
(copyright C. Murray , all rights reserved)
C. Murray is a poet-blogger from Dublin. She is web-master and social media coordinator for Irish PEN. Follow C.Murray on twitter @CelizMurray

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