‘Winter’ by Clarissa Aykroyd

  Winter after Rilke I love the light of winters gone by. They weren’t so carefree, and we cringed at their hard, bright strength; we breathed in the cold air of courage to face them: they crowned us magi of the snows. And the fire that withstood those winters was all flame and flow, true fire. Writing came hard. We couldn’t even feel our fingers. … Continue reading ‘Winter’ by Clarissa Aykroyd

Three poems by Jane Clarke

  Winter Since the trouble with his heart she tries to keep him in but before the breakfast tea is cold, he shrugs on his coat, lifts his cap, blackthorn stick and heads out across the fields to count cattle and sheep check how far the flood has risen, break ice for cows at the pond. There’s not a pick on him; he feels every … Continue reading Three poems by Jane Clarke