Two poems by Sohini Basak

    They have more to say Mud on their mandibles the wasps are carrying around my anger — expensive black limiting the gold. I am chewing paper, processing letters claiming that put in the wrong compartment these part bee part ant creatures of summer can bring down aeroplanes. The wasps take earth to air and build their stalactite organ pipe where they will choose … Continue reading Two poems by Sohini Basak

‘Clearing Out Mum’ by Julia Webb

Clearing Out Mum It’s like unreeling yards and yards of tangled wire, or finding mice in an attic you never even knew you had. It’s like the wash-off, run-through, bleed-right hours of sorting. It’s like squirreling backwards, or finding yourself back in the town that you spent years getting out of. It’s like a thousand keys without a lock, (or a thousand locks without a … Continue reading ‘Clearing Out Mum’ by Julia Webb