Three poems by Stephen Elves

Moorings An ancient tub, long lost to shoaling grounds, nestles in the ooze by a peeling barge, ropes slack to the task of tethering them to an indifferent jetty. Each turn of the tide floats the possibility of tugging at knots, splintering restraint, waking the devil in the engine room and sailing away, prow-high, sea-skimmed, poles apart, adrift on oceans of old freedoms far from … Continue reading Three poems by Stephen Elves

‘Repossession’ by Rebecca Goss

Repossession “Did you buy apples?” I look at our replenished bowl and you describe the last house of the day. Taps strangled with tape, tank drained, letterbox sealed. The debris of hurried exits – one trainer, scattered CDs, pens, cheap clothes and a last bin liner, too heavy and cumbersome, its pan handles poking through the skin. There’s the damage, more than a few scuffs … Continue reading ‘Repossession’ by Rebecca Goss