‘Picturehouse’ by Charlotte Gann

Picturehouse Darkness is the wave that carries us crashing, crashing onto this beach where scared young girls wander barefoot, dressed in pale vests, move like dancers with thumb-bruised arms. Darkness is the wave that plunges us, lank-haired and middle-parted, always staring straight ahead at a family man gone bad/ loner with a grudge/ blinds lit from within, the mottled shape of butterflies. Darkness is the … Continue reading ‘Picturehouse’ by Charlotte Gann

‘Formica’ by Matthew Stewart

  Formica An ochre dusk through the window, stewed apples sighing from the hob and slippers squeaking back and forth on the lino. Mum’s become Gran, Son now Dad, but a boy still plays at the same Formica table. This kitchen’s hub, its ersatz knots are giving off a perfect shine.   (published in The Rialto, Issue 70 and in Inventing Truth)     Matthew … Continue reading ‘Formica’ by Matthew Stewart

Two poems by Richie McCaffery

  The truth so far In the chalky trough under the blackboard, lessons dusted and already forgotten. The teacher is squawking away once more, scratching into the tabula rasa the truths so far about God and arithmetic with the expungible white of fossil shells.   (first published in The Rialto; from Spinning Plates, Happenstance Press, 2012)     Wallet While clearing out the old bureau … Continue reading Two poems by Richie McCaffery