Two poems by Jessica Mookherjee

The Liar I never believed in Father Christmas as I crawled out of the chimney, soot-stained, ingrained dust in the whorls of my skin. I never feared the dark, crawled under my bed, talking to dust, moulding it into imaginary friends. We sang together to the soil. Suspicious of prayers to invisible gods, I stared at vicars and asked them who would go to hell, … Continue reading Two poems by Jessica Mookherjee

‘Ophelia’ by Peter Kenny

Ophelia You write your name on water and then you sink. A wet halo shrinks around your face and you sink lips last. Ophelia why didn’t you float like the others? Why didn’t you drift downstream with a glut of Pre-Raphaelite flowers? I’m terrified that you’ve stopped breathing or that you gulp the dim, death-gladdening murk, where everything’s refracted bending the sticks and searching arms. … Continue reading ‘Ophelia’ by Peter Kenny