‘The People We Meet in Dreams’ by Miranda Yates

The People We Meet In Dreams The man from the town centre post office bangs your door in a ruby cape mouthing the whereabouts of The Prowler, and then is gone, down to the shudder of the village stream, where they are all scattered on the brink of a public hanging. Not that you are you and he is him exactly, but there’s always the … Continue reading ‘The People We Meet in Dreams’ by Miranda Yates

Two poems by Maurice Devitt

  First Days of Winter Trees blue and leafless, a doily of frost forms on the front lawn, first peelings of ice on pathways, winter coats stiff and reluctant. Words, chipped from frozen thoughts, disappear in a blur of breath, as movements slow and bony fingers burrow into gloves. Shoes, now too big for curled toes, skate on polished tiles and soft, summer bodies totter … Continue reading Two poems by Maurice Devitt

‘In a disused game-keeper’s hut’ by Rebecca Gethin

In a disused game-keeper’s hut A stream dashes past in a deep cleft. From inside, all you hear is the waterfall. Dark as the garden at night, a mesh covers the grimy window. No-one will guess. She sweeps the dust, runs outside to gasp. It settles back like the things she’s heard said. She pokes feathers she’s found into cracks between planks. Outside, a jay … Continue reading ‘In a disused game-keeper’s hut’ by Rebecca Gethin

Three poems by Stephen Bone

  Pedicurist Textbook arches to calloused toes gnarled as root ginger come my way – scholar of the lotus foot, the hennaed sole – to be soaked in basins of salted water. Pumiced, clipped; anointed with lavender or bergamot. My head bowed low to my work. A connoisseur; hands awake to each detail. Come bedtime, a whispered litany of bone and muscle – distal phalanges, … Continue reading Three poems by Stephen Bone

‘Internet Shopping’ by Jacqueline Saphra

    Uncle Ted and I are window-shopping on the internet. I say there’s nothing you can’t buy remotely and suggest Costco, send him the link. I tell him that the padding’s good, point out it’s comforting and solid; for him, only the best. He sends me a link to Amazon: a pine affair, plain wood. It does look flimsy though, and only this morning … Continue reading ‘Internet Shopping’ by Jacqueline Saphra