‘Stand in the Light’ by Elizabeth Rimmer

Stand in the Light Stand in the light. Allow the wild things to creep out of the shadows. Welcome them all, the wet bedraggled things, the ones all spit and claws, the one who weeps and hangs its head, the one who stares, and says ‘Make me.’ Stand in the light. They are yours, washed and unwashed alike. Stand in the light, and sing. Raise … Continue reading ‘Stand in the Light’ by Elizabeth Rimmer

Two poems by Brian Johnstone

  Gable Long gone, those derelict tenements, half-demolished, a row of parlour walls stacked up like sample cards for someone’s granny’s wallpaper. Their slivers, flapping in the wind, goodbyes. Unlaid, their fires all died, burned shadow black into the grates that stamped each wall with absence, empty as some broken jug which stood once – held the milk, some flowers, loose change for the meter, … Continue reading Two poems by Brian Johnstone

‘Plotkin’s cat’ by Colin Will

Plotkin’s cat The neighbour’s cat gave birth under our bed. As good a place as any, we thought, in the old empty suitcase father brought home after the war. Four black-and-white smudged kittens wriggled blindly in a smell of birth. We wanted to pet them, my brother and I, and I remember a hand, his or mine – it doesn’t matter – pulled back sharply … Continue reading ‘Plotkin’s cat’ by Colin Will

‘George Aiken’s Map, 1846’ by Jean Atkin

  George Aiken’s Map, 1846 As if these paper islands were crumpled in a ball and crushed and hurled into backlit rain and rolled before a filthy wind – she wrings the sheet and smoothes it with strong palms, as if next she’d iron these wet and whalebacked hills – as if a capsized gale ripped up wet paper and melted it to rags, the … Continue reading ‘George Aiken’s Map, 1846’ by Jean Atkin