Postscript from And Other Poems

The following poems and poets were nominated by And Other Poems for Best Single Poem in the 2019 Forward Prize for Poetry:   Chrissy Banks for ‘Things My Mother Said‘   Sarah Hymas for ‘Whale-boned Corset and Other Relics’   Kathy Pimlott for ‘As You Are 90, I Must Be 65’ I’m extremely pleased to say that Sarah Hymas’ poem ‘Whale-boned Corset and Other Relics’ … Continue reading Postscript from And Other Poems

Two poems by Sarah Hymas

    Whale-boned Corset and Other Relics How I loved the net flaring around my thighs, blue smocking smoky organza into fingertip deep slots of mussel black nibbling my chest. The power of an unscrutinised body. I was the dress. And so, the loch biting my arms as I exalt its sting of marbled August, cutting my fingers as they pull through resisting cold—remote luxury … Continue reading Two poems by Sarah Hymas

Excerpt from ‘Lune’ by Sarah Hymas

Lune (excerpt) Two views on intimacy: every cloud is wet; the ocean rains dead things. And still some of us can’t see even when we’ve plunged under the surface. Romance is when one has learnt to disappear – like phosphorous in still waters, or oxygen from the deep. This isn’t Hollywood. We can only guess what’ll happen next. Yesterday she told me she knew as … Continue reading Excerpt from ‘Lune’ by Sarah Hymas