A poem by Isobel Dixon

  Kudu Watch Signs bloom mysterious, loom sudden, briefly luminous, moonflowers edged in red. Our lights create the road, its unremitting dashes are a pale Morse code, monotonous, as I count the kilometres mesmerised. Keep watch, still far to go. We are taking it slow tonight, this lonely stretch notorious for lulling the unwary to unbroken rest. Here in the passenger seat I feel the … Continue reading A poem by Isobel Dixon

A poem by Julie Maclean

  U plain every night when spring gets going we sit outside in fold-up chairs, yours ripped from being left out in the weather, mine hanging in by a thread you watch dragon flies like micro choppers on some reconnaissance or other       I admire the sass of lily buds       baby maggies teetering on the brink of their first bath       wattle birds in cirque de soleil … Continue reading A poem by Julie Maclean

Two poems by John McCullough

  Lichen It prefers untended places, drab corners where it arrives like a boon. Kerbs, slag heaps, skewed gravestones— the roofs of council estates it spots with yellow coins dropped from the sky. Soundless and rootless, it ventures small claims, its chintzy blooms opening on concrete as though it were love itself, giddy and bountiful, living on rain and dust. Both fungus and alga yet … Continue reading Two poems by John McCullough

‘Leather-Bound Road’ by Luke Kennard

  Leather-Bound Road Should anybody ask me how we met I’ll read them Ansel Adams on photography and say it’s in the way the artist brings out of the landscape what the frame brings out of the painting. Which is to say you bring out the best in me, but not the way the Maillard reaction brings out the best in food through the combination … Continue reading ‘Leather-Bound Road’ by Luke Kennard

‘Communion’ by Kaddy Benyon

Communion You looked like a scuffed child-bride of Christ, a ghost in broderie anglaise, a new bangle on your play-bruised wrist, your nan’s crucifix stuck to the jam stain on your chest. It was hot as you posed for photos: boys pinching; girls hissing their secret wounds. What you remember is not the thorn-shaped burn on your dress, or how your dad’s glasses darkened to … Continue reading ‘Communion’ by Kaddy Benyon

‘Hunting Elmer Fudd’ by Angela Readman

Hunting Elmer Fudd I loaded both barrels like slotting light behind an eye, and I put on a deerstalker to hunt Elmer; it was time. Frosty tongues, grass asked no questions. Inklings of snow swept a mess of footprints leading to the woods. All around me deer moved the trees. Antlers hung sky from a hook, wore holes in the neck of the hour. Nature, … Continue reading ‘Hunting Elmer Fudd’ by Angela Readman