‘Skinny Dipping’ by Jean O’Brien

    I’m Irish, we keep our clothes on most of the time. We perform contorted dances on beaches in Cork, or Donegal; undressing under not-yet-wet-towels. Worried that any gap might expose us, lay some body-part bare. It was the Immaculate Conception that did it, if Mary could conceive a child without removing her knickers, then by God us could undress and swim without baring … Continue reading ‘Skinny Dipping’ by Jean O’Brien

‘The Gate’ by Afric McGlinchey

  The gate They need a context to eke out their distant echo, undisturbed by cities or freeways, some place desolate perhaps, where bones have settled well below earth, and bats hold on in the favoured dark, where a fox might bark; a place to find comfort among moth-coloured shapes in the unlit gloom, haunted by the passing of a stranger at a gate, its … Continue reading ‘The Gate’ by Afric McGlinchey

Two poems by Nuala Ní Chonchúir

  The Lunar Spread On Half Moon Street we eat Tunisian orange cake, under a painting of a melon that spills seeds like love. Over Notre Dame the moon is a plate, tossed by a Greek waiter from rue Hachette. Clear of Galway’s rooftops the full moon – bald as a skull – crowns the night. When she is van Gogh yellow and mooning above, … Continue reading Two poems by Nuala Ní Chonchúir

A poem by Paul Casey

  The Speed of Cat’s Eyes His eco-ship purrs silver-smooth past shores of bastard-amber stars, chases the veined twist of tail-lights, long spaces poised for sudden red. Earth’s skin, spinning culture at past the speed of sound around its centre, skims the sun many thousand miles per hour more. He turns up his thoughts in stereo – lick the cream from these lips honey – … Continue reading A poem by Paul Casey