‘Bonjour Tristesse’ by Roy Marshall

  Draw the blind on roofs of vein-blue lead. Your heart will beat through spine, chest, nipple and neck, send dream down your vertebrae. Sleep, as morning sun founds an empire of shadow around the fountains of the Tuileries, a tide of shutters recede from patisseries, the canary’s eyes blink open on the balcony, a stray lifts a leg beside the diplomat’s Mercedes and a … Continue reading ‘Bonjour Tristesse’ by Roy Marshall

‘Blackbird in Winter’ by Roy Marshall

Blackbird in Winter He’s on a branch above my head velvet feathers at touching distance, yellow ringed eye locked to mine. Is an alarm call frozen in his breast, the urge to fly curtailed by heavy air, or is it to preserve energy and heat that he keeps still? Can he see in me a lack of threat, recognise the need to move slowly through … Continue reading ‘Blackbird in Winter’ by Roy Marshall

‘Instant Karma’ by Roy Marshall

Instant Karma The office cleaner sings beautifully and in Hindi. I ask her what her song means. ‘The Lord says, I will give you what you want, when the time is right.’ She leaves a world bright with belief, the mopped floor under my feet, the emptied bin of me.   (from Gopagilla, first published in New Walk Magazine, Issue 1)     Roy Marshall … Continue reading ‘Instant Karma’ by Roy Marshall