Two poems by Anthony Wilson

  Teaching Writing Theory after Jaan Kaplinski   On Tuesday I discovered if my cancer had returned. Later I discussed teaching writing to six-year-olds. We spun our arms like windmills, then made chopstick-motions with our fingers mirroring the motor control functions we daily take for granted even less think about as we stare at the page. We looked at motivational theory. Taxonomies and heuristics jammed … Continue reading Two poems by Anthony Wilson

A poem by Anthony Wilson

  Borderline       for and after Lawrence Sail       the sump-life of the place – Seamus Heaney       These are the flatlands stitched between flood-plain and ditch, everything provisional, ooze and sluice. The estuary looks walkable, spines of red clay rising from slate water with flanks of weeping slip which shimmer mother-of-pearl, silver, molten. A powerboat that was toy bounces through its roar, its wake … Continue reading A poem by Anthony Wilson