‘The One in Which…’ by Marvin Thompson

    The One in Which… 2. The one in which I contemplate The Handmaid’s Tale TV series whilst exiting the cinema’s Art Deco doors In pick-n-mix dispensers, fudge shines like the 30-year-old scar on my knee. To reach an anthology with Rikki-Tikki-Tavi and Anansi, I tiptoed on a wooden box and wobbled. My slip was bloody. Like the A-Team with their savage Mohawk and … Continue reading ‘The One in Which…’ by Marvin Thompson

Two poems by Cynthia Miller

    The last hour on the flight deck Shirt too tight, a splotch of mustard (Hokkein noodles? egg salad?) from lunch eaten somewhere over the Arctic, steady heartbeat of lights blinking circadian rhythms. Already his body is waking up when it shouldn’t be, sun pulling at him from the other side of the world. Tray tables stowed. The good coffee snuck into the galley … Continue reading Two poems by Cynthia Miller