‘My Life as a Film’ by William Thirsk-Gaskill

  It is shot in black and white, with subtitles and set aboard a German U-boat in World War Two, called U-214, nicknamed “The Berlin Bear”. The Captain downs shots of schnapps in every scene except when the boat is pursuing or being pursued. His exterior of brutality is a pretence and he secretly hates the First Mate, who is a card-carrying Nazi. He has … Continue reading ‘My Life as a Film’ by William Thirsk-Gaskill

‘Crates’ by Jo Bell

  Observe that when I speak of crates your mind provides one straight away. Likely you are thinking of the fruiterer’s crate: a shallow slatted box of rain-matted pine, the archetype of apples stencilled on the side, a cartouche slot above it for a grocer’s hand. Your crate may be the sturdy plastic tub of the eco-minded council, waiting at the gate with all its … Continue reading ‘Crates’ by Jo Bell

‘Honeymoon’ by Josephine Corcoran

  I wouldn’t call it a honeymoon, those muffled nights in mothballed rooms. With cake in the boot we pilgrimmed north, taking a young marriage to old widows, my father’s brothers dead, their crucifixes still hanging. In each house we were given the double bed, my aunties inviting us to fornicate on concave mattresses containing dead men’s seed. Had we come one week before, you … Continue reading ‘Honeymoon’ by Josephine Corcoran