Three poems by Geraldine Clarkson

      UNDERLAND (after that man ‘Lewis’) Towards winter solstice, Alice can no longer cope with groping down blind alleys, being groped by creatures she doesn’t comprehend, in places obscure to her. She has issues with size, this human yoyo, no permanence and issues between her thighs, no liniments. No malice. Just a sweet intrinsic no to everything. A refusal to go along. This … Continue reading Three poems by Geraldine Clarkson

‘February’ by Tim Dooley

    We walked back and forth from the library, preparing for some high leap: sunlight catching the tallest spume of the shopping centre fountain. Something we owe to the past made our elders stand, kneel and then sit in buildings warmed by a hope for something better. That monogrammed leather trunk we use to keep the dresses you can’t throw away came ahead of … Continue reading ‘February’ by Tim Dooley

‘Mal’ by Anita Pati

Mal Them dogs won’t touch us three. On Pendle Hill, no wind can whip us, no brack of clouds from Chorley pall us. Look. Dogs here are bogbounce happy, kiddies snuffing balls and whatnot near Malkin, families tripping from the corrugated towns. They skirl around me, my own dog Whistler: springer spaniels, border collies, Sunday walkers flush-cheeked fed. Proud marchers in their slimy wellies, clodding … Continue reading ‘Mal’ by Anita Pati