Two poems by Brendan Cleary

  Not Yet for Michaella hardly surprising your Dad on the phone explaining in graphic detail the intricate laws of physics when you say you’re convinced if you persevere that is in the madness & chaos & wind eventually you’ll levitate that’s quite a lot of cushions to be stacking up & keep the best China at the bottom of the other kitchen keep your … Continue reading Two poems by Brendan Cleary

‘Picturehouse’ by Charlotte Gann

Picturehouse Darkness is the wave that carries us crashing, crashing onto this beach where scared young girls wander barefoot, dressed in pale vests, move like dancers with thumb-bruised arms. Darkness is the wave that plunges us, lank-haired and middle-parted, always staring straight ahead at a family man gone bad/ loner with a grudge/ blinds lit from within, the mottled shape of butterflies. Darkness is the … Continue reading ‘Picturehouse’ by Charlotte Gann