‘Initiation’ by Niall Firth

Initiation It’s 5pm and now, yes, the light is just right to catch the hubcaps, a shivery ginger glow spreading across the stubble to strike our Fiat at a lover’s angle, like it did the Passat before it, the Saab from ‘98, right back to that Capri, sitting rakish, when this field was mantis-green with barley and we hadn’t decided what this was all for. … Continue reading ‘Initiation’ by Niall Firth

‘A remarkable life’ by Niall Firth

A remarkable life Once they’d hoiked out her irradiated heart it powered steam turbines to keep us warm. Her titanium sternum, dripping in parsley green, was lowered carefully into a cove off Dubai where scuba divers dart in between her curving ribs like tropical fish and pause to take photos wrapped in her chest cavity. Her glorious mouth, now safely de-barbed, was mounted on a … Continue reading ‘A remarkable life’ by Niall Firth