‘Gilgamesh at the Edge of the World’ by Jenny Lewis

Canto Ten: Gilgamesh at the Edge of the World* Crazed with grief after the death of his friend, Enkidu, Gilgamesh wanders in the wilderness until he reaches the Edge of the World where he comes across a tavern kept by the demi-goddess, Siduri. Shrouded in hoods and veils she lived alone At the sea’s edge, subjected to the spray And she was tough as wind-blown … Continue reading ‘Gilgamesh at the Edge of the World’ by Jenny Lewis

Two poems by Maria Taylor

The Landfills of Heaven are clean as icebergs. There are Everests of wedding rings and silver bedsteads that sing like tuning forks. There are green, translucent hills made of empty champagne bottles and crystal flutes waiting for the blue lips of ghosts. There’s a hum marking the perimeter, the low, sustained notes of cello strings, guitars and violins, teased from the hands of their keepers. … Continue reading Two poems by Maria Taylor

Two poems by Ken Evans

In Zero Gravity If ever you are sucked out into space by an ill-judged partnership, a scheming co-worker, the belligerent family member, you’ll know what love spurned feels like: your eyes bulge but cannot shed tears, out beyond the troposphere. The moisture on your tongue boils, blood does not flow. You lose what’s down or up, the cognisance of arms and legs, vacuum-sealed in the … Continue reading Two poems by Ken Evans

‘Ship’s Desk’ by Sarah Sibley

Ship’s Desk I could have been flung overboard with smoke floats, not detained at port without explanation. I imagine the bottom of the ocean, the torment of tentacles tugging on my nestled drawers while plankton swish through keyholes. On solid ground, there’s not the comforting creak of the ship’s bowels but they found me a relative’s house that likes to stretch its oak beams and … Continue reading ‘Ship’s Desk’ by Sarah Sibley