‘Lldánach’ (“skilled in many arts”) by Paul Adrian

Lldánach (“skilled in many arts”) the mighty, the ragged, the hoary, poet, wheelwright, harpist, blacksmith, champion, who was threefold born, and leavened fire whose wink could spook a horse who smashed Balor’s baleful gaze through the back of his head whose many wains were skinned with gorse who breathed from his feet upwards whose mind hovered over the still waters of Lough Kinale who pondered … Continue reading ‘Lldánach’ (“skilled in many arts”) by Paul Adrian

‘Woodbine’ by Jo Haslam

Woodbine Our honeysuckle’s broken loose, hangs free of the wall, sends out suckers and side shoots rooting itself where it chooses; lonicera, common woodbine, no-one knows why it twines clockwise; but cut back hard to the woody stem its questing tips probe out again spiral round a fence or gate;of all our plants the most tenacious – it flowers twice a pink and cream mass … Continue reading ‘Woodbine’ by Jo Haslam