from ‘One Hundred Lockdown Sonnets’ by Jacqueline Saphra

  XLI 2nd May ‘Death Map. Interactive coronavirus map lets you find out number of deaths in your postcode.’ The Sun And suddenly it’s fear. He wakes me up at odd hours, pulls me out of bed, he works by stealth, he spikes my morning cup with dark. I drink him like a drug, I dread his silences. Fear speaks in chokes. He knows no … Continue reading from ‘One Hundred Lockdown Sonnets’ by Jacqueline Saphra

Two poems by Jacqueline Saphra

All My Mad Mothers My mother gathered every yellow object she could find: daffodils and gorgeous shawls, little pots of bile and piles of lemons. Once we caught her with a pair of fishnet stockings on a stick, trying to catch the sun. My mother never travelled anywhere without her flippers, goggles and a snorkel. She’d strip at any opportunity: The Thames, The Serpentine, the … Continue reading Two poems by Jacqueline Saphra

‘Internet Shopping’ by Jacqueline Saphra

    Uncle Ted and I are window-shopping on the internet. I say there’s nothing you can’t buy remotely and suggest Costco, send him the link. I tell him that the padding’s good, point out it’s comforting and solid; for him, only the best. He sends me a link to Amazon: a pine affair, plain wood. It does look flimsy though, and only this morning … Continue reading ‘Internet Shopping’ by Jacqueline Saphra