Two poems by Leonardo Boix

Manger After The Adoration of the Magi This ramshackle hut I was born had neither thatch, roof nor ceiling A hovel with a hundred o holes, having no walls nor windows, not even an exit. Cows, horses, flies slept all within, barely room for a time, Father built chimneys and Mother had sweetbread and kidneys a boiling. Winters were harsh. Hailing, piss-snow over us while … Continue reading Two poems by Leonardo Boix

‘A remarkable life’ by Niall Firth

A remarkable life Once they’d hoiked out her irradiated heart it powered steam turbines to keep us warm. Her titanium sternum, dripping in parsley green, was lowered carefully into a cove off Dubai where scuba divers dart in between her curving ribs like tropical fish and pause to take photos wrapped in her chest cavity. Her glorious mouth, now safely de-barbed, was mounted on a … Continue reading ‘A remarkable life’ by Niall Firth

‘Cusp’ by David O’Hanlon

  Cusp It was taken by James that first summer. The angle’s pretty low but you can still see the river: that thin dark crack through the background. We’re both sat cross-legged – me knotting grass, you saluting the sun – our knees almost touch like God’s hand and Adam’s… I use it as a bookmark (for now it marks my whereabouts in Fournier’s Lost … Continue reading ‘Cusp’ by David O’Hanlon