‘Handiwork’ by Patrick Williamson

‘Handiwork’ by Patrick Williamson with translations into French and Italian   Handiwork One created with all beauty, wonder and diversity, One forces and powers against desire for life on earth; One that moves like a fastball, breaks open old worlds, One the poem par excellence, abrasive, with pace; One to unearth new ways of being human, of human being For what you see is only … Continue reading ‘Handiwork’ by Patrick Williamson

‘March’ by Boris Pasternak translated by Sasha Dugdale

    March The sun has broken a sudden sweat And the ditch gushes febrile, unstaunched. Spring, like the stocky dairymaid, Holds in its hands the foaming warmth. How wan the snow; it has the green sickness Thin blue twigs are its feeble veins But life comes steaming from the cowshed And the pitchfork plumps the healthy hay. These days, these days and nights! Midday, … Continue reading ‘March’ by Boris Pasternak translated by Sasha Dugdale