‘Ship-breaking’ by Hannah Lowe

Ship-breaking These folks were not the victims of migration…these folks mean to survive – Stuart Hall I watch old films of ship yards on the Clyde: cranes ripping ships apart, their metal hides peeled back by men in goggles wielding fire. The shock of innards: girders, joists and wires, a rusted funnel toppling in slow motion. Those open flanks rain down the cabin’s foreign detritus … Continue reading ‘Ship-breaking’ by Hannah Lowe

‘R x’ a poem by Hannah Lowe

  R x R and me take up for “time being”.  We’re a strange pair, him gawky and bright as a dewed hedgehog, I arrive everywhere in clinging primaries and haze of Amarige. All this talking talking.  His wire glasses multiply the kind sparks of his eyes, he notes my glitter polish, says he wears his burdens steelily, changes subject. I wake alone and early, … Continue reading ‘R x’ a poem by Hannah Lowe