Postscript from And Other Poems

The following poems and poets were nominated by And Other Poems for Best Single Poem in the 2019 Forward Prize for Poetry:   Chrissy Banks for ‘Things My Mother Said‘   Sarah Hymas for ‘Whale-boned Corset and Other Relics’   Kathy Pimlott for ‘As You Are 90, I Must Be 65’ I’m extremely pleased to say that Sarah Hymas’ poem ‘Whale-boned Corset and Other Relics’ … Continue reading Postscript from And Other Poems

‘Papers’ by Roy McFarlane

Papers The day I was called into my mother’s bedroom the smell of cornmeal porridge still coloured the air, windowsills full of plants bloomed and dresses half-done hung from wardrobe doors and her Singer sewing machine came to rest like a mail train arriving at its final destination, foot off the pedal, radio turned down, she beckoned, touched me with those loving hands. Shrouded in … Continue reading ‘Papers’ by Roy McFarlane

‘Her story’ by Abegail Morley

  Her story I. Inside where the darkness stops, her bones are soft, pliable, her head half her weight. She curls in the curve of the crescent moon. Week 28, she feels pain. Inhales, exhales; downy hair covers her skin, like his. Waters break. II. Her room’s changed shape, dimension. No longer measured crown to rump, she stretches her length, cranks up Amy Winehouse, reads … Continue reading ‘Her story’ by Abegail Morley