Two poems by Rowyda Amin

Desert Sunflowers While they waited for the weather to turn, Fermi offered wagers on the odds of igniting the atmosphere and destroying the earth or just New Mexico. Teller made them nervous, slapping on the sunscreen. Oppenheimer wore dark glasses like the rest and held onto a post with damp hands. He had ten dollars on them failing. In the control centre, Allison counted down … Continue reading Two poems by Rowyda Amin

‘Internet Shopping’ by Jacqueline Saphra

    Uncle Ted and I are window-shopping on the internet. I say there’s nothing you can’t buy remotely and suggest Costco, send him the link. I tell him that the padding’s good, point out it’s comforting and solid; for him, only the best. He sends me a link to Amazon: a pine affair, plain wood. It does look flimsy though, and only this morning … Continue reading ‘Internet Shopping’ by Jacqueline Saphra