‘February’ by Tim Dooley

    We walked back and forth from the library, preparing for some high leap: sunlight catching the tallest spume of the shopping centre fountain. Something we owe to the past made our elders stand, kneel and then sit in buildings warmed by a hope for something better. That monogrammed leather trunk we use to keep the dresses you can’t throw away came ahead of … Continue reading ‘February’ by Tim Dooley

‘February’ by Boris Pasternak translated by Sasha Dugdale

    February.  Get out the ink and weep! Sob in February, sob and sing While the wet snow rumbles in the street And burns with the black spring.   Take a cab. For a coin Be carried through church bells, the chirp of tyres To a place where the torrential rain Is louder still than ink or tears   Where, like charred pears A … Continue reading ‘February’ by Boris Pasternak translated by Sasha Dugdale