‘Five Unusual Things’ by Kathy Pimlott

    You open the quarter-lights, get out of the car. ‘Five minutes’ you say ‘and while I’m gone, look for five unusual things’. And I’m alone on a back street of workshops and offices. No-one appears. There are no balloons, no burglaries. Nothing disturbs the street. Two thirds up the warehouse wall the brick course swivels ninety degrees, three fanciful rows and then back … Continue reading ‘Five Unusual Things’ by Kathy Pimlott

Two poems by Zelda Chappel

Flesh It’s the ways our tongues get folded, stealing away my speech. It’s open mouths writing letters, lipped words placed softly in ears precisely. It’s shadows that aren’t what they used to be and my fetish for transcendence. It’s easier. These days it’s slipping through flesh which we know can be done in silence. It’s knowing this is not how you’ll have imagined it. It’s … Continue reading Two poems by Zelda Chappel