‘Exposition du Système du Monde’ by Jonathan Taylor

  Exposition du Système du Monde My daughter’s blah-blah babbles coalesce into proto-words, “hiyas” and “mamas” condensing from the nebular static, planetesimals amongst the diffuse molecular cloud                              sucked inwards over what must seem to her millions of years by gravity towards a centre round which – as if she were acting out Laplace’s equations – particles spin towards one another,                 an accretion leading to … Continue reading ‘Exposition du Système du Monde’ by Jonathan Taylor

‘Instant Karma’ by Roy Marshall

Instant Karma The office cleaner sings beautifully and in Hindi. I ask her what her song means. ‘The Lord says, I will give you what you want, when the time is right.’ She leaves a world bright with belief, the mopped floor under my feet, the emptied bin of me.   (from Gopagilla, first published in New Walk Magazine, Issue 1)     Roy Marshall … Continue reading ‘Instant Karma’ by Roy Marshall