‘Her story’ by Abegail Morley

  Her story I. Inside where the darkness stops, her bones are soft, pliable, her head half her weight. She curls in the curve of the crescent moon. Week 28, she feels pain. Inhales, exhales; downy hair covers her skin, like his. Waters break. II. Her room’s changed shape, dimension. No longer measured crown to rump, she stretches her length, cranks up Amy Winehouse, reads … Continue reading ‘Her story’ by Abegail Morley

‘First Contact’ by Hugh Dunkerley

First Contact I Through a haze of ultrasound we make you out, little amphibian curled in your amniotic pool. You’re still a long way off, still trying to conjure limbs, kidneys, a central nervous system, still wrestling with your DNA, the fishtail that loops you back into the Devonian. On the monitor the nurse picks out your infant heart draining and filling with new minted … Continue reading ‘First Contact’ by Hugh Dunkerley