‘Teaching Tabitha to Knit’ by Carole Bromley

  See, I haven’t done this for years. Take one knitting needle in each hand. No, hold it nearer the end, that’s it. Now wind the yarn round that one. Hang on, I’ll give you a hand. OK, now kind of make a loop, see? Try tucking one needle under your arm. In over through off. It’s like a poem! A really messy one with … Continue reading ‘Teaching Tabitha to Knit’ by Carole Bromley

‘Rendezvous’ by Carole Bromley

  Rendezvous after Dennis O’Driscoll I am in Stonegate expecting to meet you at 4 You are in The Shambles expecting to meet me at 4 I have shopping bags that lengthen my arms you have Jonathan on your shoulders It’s Christmas and I’m Dreaming blasts out from Ye Olde Starre Inn In Giovanni’s doorway a busker sings Jingle Bells flat cap at his feet … Continue reading ‘Rendezvous’ by Carole Bromley

‘Winding the Clocks’ by Carole Bromley

  Winding the Clocks Each night you do the rounds, like a lover who keeps faith after the loved one’s gone; I guess it’s at the root of all you do. I’m thinking this as you set the alarm, lock the front door, hoist the pendulum; it falls to you now to wind the grandfather in the hall, your arm in the mahogany case your … Continue reading ‘Winding the Clocks’ by Carole Bromley