Two poems by Joey Connolly

A Restaurant It’s possible now we’ve broken up you’ll never understand my consuming respect for your way of dissecting a subject, the way in your mouth disgust at an ideology comes free of its disciples, in your just apportioning of blame, and actually just like how things discussed get less commensurate with themselves. You take a seat, so easy, so little implicated in the glee … Continue reading Two poems by Joey Connolly

Five poems by David Morley

  Five poems from The Gypsy and The Poet by David Morley        Finished planting my ariculas——went a botanising after ferns and orchises and caught a cold in the wet grass which has made me as bad as ever——got the tune of “highland Mary” from Wisdom Smith a gipsey and pricked another sweet tune without name as he fiddled it John Clare, journal entry   Worlds … Continue reading Five poems by David Morley

‘Falling down, falling down’ by Alison Brackenbury

Falling down, falling down If I ate no cake, if I ate two cakes, if I lingered by biscuits, disdained cauliflower, if I had not turned my face to the sun if the man had not rushed from the petrol station dodging before me, like you, a dancer, if I had glanced down- Is that my blood? Are those my glasses? That tooth will cost- … Continue reading ‘Falling down, falling down’ by Alison Brackenbury

‘Cosmos’ by Grevel Lindop

  Cosmos Between Orion and Gemini, an almost-full moon. Wrinkled tidewater tilting at the lips of Morecambe Bay . Galaxies of cow parsley edging the valley fields. Slow explosions of lichen on the fellside boulders. The long-armed yew gesticulating at your window: ancient growth-rings cupping a still more ancient hollow. Old glass: molten tremulous lungful of human breath spun flat, cut to rippled squares, set … Continue reading ‘Cosmos’ by Grevel Lindop