‘Plotkin’s cat’ by Colin Will

Plotkin’s cat The neighbour’s cat gave birth under our bed. As good a place as any, we thought, in the old empty suitcase father brought home after the war. Four black-and-white smudged kittens wriggled blindly in a smell of birth. We wanted to pet them, my brother and I, and I remember a hand, his or mine – it doesn’t matter – pulled back sharply … Continue reading ‘Plotkin’s cat’ by Colin Will

‘Child’ by Marion McCready

  Child The field has drowned and turned into a tideless sea.             Flower shapes rise from             a toddler’s broken ribs. Beyond the head of a loch a broken swing hangs from a tree.             His body bruises in the dark,             he has learned to be quiet. Clouds drag their shadows over hills, ridges, fields of sheep.             His eyes are the colour of fists,             he has learned … Continue reading ‘Child’ by Marion McCready