Two poems by C. Murray

  Lilies of the Field Plump nipple blossoms more like – neatly sewn onto a blue bodice. Virgin surprise! One wink and they’re blown confetti on wet ground.     Unrelated Images Sequence Those images I had trashed sing now their separation. I. An arch forms beneath the new forsythia leaf enter the moorhen in her emerald stockings. She shakes off the water drops. II. … Continue reading Two poems by C. Murray

‘i and the Village’ by C. Murray

  i and the Village (after Marc Chagall) Dew drops into jade a three-quarter moon. Love O love! Your uprooted flower dissipates Its scentedness onto my hand, soon O soon recalling to me a certain music – My fate was always to leave the place where moon danced with subtle Neptune! All dissolves – Save your remembered face, Your laughing in the street and your … Continue reading ‘i and the Village’ by C. Murray